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Inquiry on Writing Services

For more information regarding our services, please send your inquiry to:

Please include the following details in your e-mail:

  • Contact person
  • Company
  • Type of service required (e.g., user manuals, online help, process documentation)
  • Onsite or Offsite needs

Kindly include other relevant details. Thank you.

Work Opportunity for Technical Assistants

October 15, 2008

We have immediate needs for a Technical Assistant to the President's Office of a major university in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

The duties and responsibilities of the Technical Assistant are as follows:


  • Assists in the planning and coordination of the internal and external affairs of the President.
  • Makes a background research and draft papers, speeches, studies, correspondences, letters, outlines, etc for the President.
  • Keeps a file of documents and reference materials on external involvements of the President.
  • Prepares the minutes of the meeting and other documents of networks/groups, where the President/MC is a member.
  • Coordinates meetings and activities of the President with other organizations.
    Assists in the preparation of presentations for the President.


The candidate should have the following qualifications:

  • Completed a Master's degree in any Social Sciences or its related fields
  • Must at least have one year of work experience in the following: administrative work, research, and program/project development, planning and implementation
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and must be proficient in computer applications such as Microsoft® Office

If you're interested, please send your resume to:

Interview invitations and status updates will be sent through email, so please check your email regularly. Thank you.

Work Opportunity for Writers and Editors

October 15, 2008

We have immediate needs for:

Junior or Senior Technical Editors (home-based)


  • Editing of documents and articles according to project specifications, style guides and technical standards
  • Ensuring text clarity with regard to English spelling, grammar and syntax


  • Candidates must possess a university degree in Computer Science (or related IT degree) or Communications/Journalism degree from reputable schools.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Keen in editing computer applications and other technical documentation
  • Knowledgeable in style guides such as the Microsoft® Manual of Style for Technical Publications and the Chicago Manual of Style
  • Technical editors must have at least 2 years solid experience in technical editing or writing.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in cross-national environment is an advantage


  • Must have Internet connection at home
  • Can be reached through a landline and mobile phone
  • Must be constantly online and can also be reached through instant messaging such as Yahoo or AOL/AIM Messenger

If you're interested, please send your resume to:

Interview invitations and status updates will be sent through email, so please check your email regularly. Thank you.


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