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Methods and systems documentation
Software testing and documentation 
Web design and content authoring
Consolidation of company's Process Asset Library
Users manuals (tailor-fit to client's requirements)
Business and management procedures
System administrator's manual
Online help (using RoboHelp or other online help authoring software)
Operations or process documentation
Policies and procedures manual
ISO certification documents
Training manuals
Marketing materials, both written (brochures, proposals, etc.) and electronic for demonstration or presentation purposes.
Concept designs and multimedia presentations
Conversion of documents from one file format to another
Transcriptions and encoding


Our vast pool of skilled manpower resources allows us to offer specialized services tailor-fit to your requirements. With writing professionals coming from different industries, such as IT, banking, business, and engineering, we deploy the "right man for the job". Aside from documenting your needs, we offer value-added services by functioning as your first-line testing and quality assurance team.


In the field of documentation, a deadline is like coffee on your breakfast table. You just can't do without it. And it keeps you on your toes.

At this time of electronic exchange, TWPH has come very handy. Equipped with the necessary resources, newest concepts, and the latest methodologies, we provide the best solutions for your documentation requirements. 

Our extensive experience has prepared and trained us to produce results in a short turnaround-time environment of the software and Internet industry. 

So you can sip your coffee, while we do your papers.

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Why outsource technical documentation?

In an enterprise's traditional setup, all operations and production are done in-house. Today, with global outsourcing, every company has a choice. 

Outsourcing has  offered a more reasonable alternative to almost every enterprise's operation. And that includes producing technical documentation. 

Documentation often takes a long time to produce. The production time spent and hiring  personnel or team to write technical documents  can  cost a single company a lot of money. Not to mention training inexperienced writers and costly mistakes.

Outsourcing your documentation needs to a specialty group is a cost-effective and productive way since professionals can bring to your company the knowledge and expertise in technical communication. By taking advantage of their extensive experience in the field, your company saves money that is usually wasted in trainings or producing low quality documentation. Moreover, your company only incurs expenses when it is needed, rather than maintaining manpower and resources that may not be profit-centered.

By hiring professional communicators to do the job for you, your company can concentrate on what you do best, such as  developing your products and services, marketing, customer service, and other operations that are profitable to the company.

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